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ICTUS Communication LLC is a unique telecommunications company that speaks your language — providing budget conscious, high tech solutions to serve your business or residential communication needs by getting the conversation started and keeping it going. Go beyond the handset and let us review all your communication needs. We know and understand the flow of information, computer integration, and telecommunications. Let us help you with all of your various communication tools including websites, business cards, flyers and more.


The exchange conversation revolves around.

Information today is shared in myriad ways: facsimile, emails, tweets, blogs, websites, and more. Are you funneling all of your information efficiently and productively?

Can you afford to continue communicating this way?

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Knowing more than just handsets, jacks, and cables.

We are adept with computers and comprehend the possibilities, and potential problems, of integrating company-wide systems with individual communication tools.

Can your current provider trouble shoot end-to-end?

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Rapidly evolving at the speed of technology.

Today's companies must move faster, better, and more efficiently to stay ahead of the competition. What is the speed of your conversation today and is it fast enough?

Can you afford to keep it that way?

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Being united and the quality of the unique.

Does unicity describe your company's marketing strategy? We can help to unify your website and other sales and marketing materials in a unique way that best represents you.

Are you currently standing out from your competition?

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We believe you are known by the company you keep.

Curious about our logo and company business? We want you to know what our mission is and why you can depend on ICTUS to develop a professional relationship that you can always trust.

Do you really know and trust your providers?

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